Project Description

UGL is one of Australia’s largest engineering and property services companies with a global footprint in over 50 countries worldwide. Concerned about legal risk and the escalating cost of managing multiple systems, they were looking for a way to reduce cost, manage risk better, and leverage information better.
UGL had four different information management systems across different business units and were not leveraging information or knowledge as well as they could. There was a legal risk in not being able to identify the single source of truth for data. There was also an escalating cost in managing multiple systems.
Simbient were able to quickly prototype and ultimately build a solution that consolidated their information management system being the single source of truth, reducing the organisation risk around compliance. The solution also increased efficiency of the worker across the entire business.
The legal risk to the business was significantly reduced and the cost savings (by not having to manage four separate systems) were significant, as well as the productivity gains across the business.
Technology used: SharePoint .NET
Solution type: Intranet Migration
Service used: Software development, SharePoint
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Simbient really understood our requirements and took time to explore options for us in order to optimise how the users would work with the final solution. General Manager Integrated Management Systems
General Manager Integrated Management Systems, UGL limited