Project Description

Sydney Airport Corporation
Sydney Airport Corporation manages one of Australia’s most important pieces of infrastructure and international gateway to the world. With such a large number of visitors, workers and contractors working on site, Sydney Airport Corporation needed a way to ensure everyone had read, understood and acknowledged the OH&S standards at the site.
People came from all different backgrounds with varying literacy levels and were working at many different areas throughout the very large site. A solution had to cater for all of this and be able to feed back the information to a central point. The administrator also needed to see how many attempts had been made and who had passed and failed.
Simbient designed and built a touch style Kiosk application that could be located in multiple locations throughout the large site. The test catered for all backgrounds and literacy levels and the administrator had an audit trail of test attempts, passes, failures and could updates tests in real time, add roles and target specific people.
The solution ensured everyone working at the site had read, understood and agreed to the OH&S standards ensuring Sydney Airport Corporation were compliant and minimised any legal risk. The solution provided better visibility and provided a central point of data and made it easy to update information from a single point.
Technology used: Adobe Flash
Solution type: Enterprise Application
Service used: Custom Development
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