Project Description

Pillar is one of Australia’s oldest and most experienced Superannuation Administrators servicing over 1.2 million accounts. Key to serving such a large customer base is having the right information at the right time. Pillar wanted to create an intranet that allowed employees to collaborate better in their own areas and surface information to the intranet easily with powerful filtering capabilities.
There was no internal tool that promoted effective collaboration within business units and allowed the right information to easily surface and be filtered on. There were also a number of developers within the business who were supporting a variety of systems that were costing the business a lot in terms of development.
Simbient designed, planned, built and implemented a SharePoint solution customised to provide an easy to use, look and feel front end for users. The solution allowed users to collaborate easily within their areas as well as share and search information easily across the business.
Users were able to access relevant information when they needed it and knew it was up to date. This improved collaboration increased productivity across the business, as well as improving service to end customers. Workflow was used to eliminate developers having to support systems, and this saved the business ongoing development costs.
Technology used: SharePoint
Solution type: Intranet & Collaboration
Service used: SharePoint Solution
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A seamless team was formed with ideas flowing from the Simbient team to my in-house Development Team. The outcome was a significantly improved Sharepoint solution that we could not have achieved on our own.
CIO, Pillar Administartion