Project Description

Lumley, is leading commercial insurer, who helps licensed insurance brokers deliver tailored general insurance solutions. Lumley needed a mechanism to deliver their services in a digital format with a self service type solution that would streamline broker interaction. Lumley were looking for a solution that required less reliance on internal staff and providing a marked improvement in broker productivity.
The process of provisioning information between the broker and the client was time consuming and slow. It was costing the broker in terms of lost selling time and costing Lumley in terms of internal staff processing time and lost sales because of this.
Simbient built a user friendly, secure and easily maintainable enterprise web portal. The portal provided a secure means of accessing information between the end client, the broker and Lumley. It also provided an audit trail with usage rates for general claims & underwriting enquiries.
The brokers were able to spend more time selling, and increased their productivity considerably. There was less reliance on internal staff and an increased capacity to process transactions with a platform in place for the delivery of future digital services.
Technology used: SharePoint SQL .NET
Solution type: Intranet & Collaboration, Actually and Extranet
Service used: Software development
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Domain Manager, Lumley