Project Description

Lumley, is leading commercial insurer that helps licensed insurance brokers deliver tailored general insurance solutions. Lumley needed a way to be able to market to their thousands of brokers as well as manage the relationships with them.
Lumley’s core application was great for managing claims, but not built for managing client/broker relationships. Not having an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system meant they were not managing clients well and potentially losing and missing out on business. Off the shelf CRM solutions did not allow for the integration needed with other systems within the organisation.
Simbient built an easy to use custom CRM solution that allowed the business to effectively market to and manage the relationships with their thousands of brokers. The solution built also interfaced with core systems within the company.
Lumley were able to effectively market to all their brokers and better manage the relationships by understanding broker activity. This lead to increased productivity, better relationships, and more sales across the entire broker network.
Technology used: Dynamics
Solution type: CRM
Service used: Application integration
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Simbients technical background, attention to detail and willingness to help at any time, has allowed us to concentrate on our work and provide a quality service to our customers.
Domain Manager, Lumley