Project Description

The Catholic Education Office (CEO), is responsible for the leadership, efficient operation and management of 150 primary and secondary schools. They wanted to provide a learning management system to their geographically dispersed workforce of teachers, to assist them in retaining their teaching accreditations.
CEO did not have an easy way to determine what teacher had completed what course and what level of accreditation they were at. Not having the visability made it hard to manage all of their teachers effectively or plan for new courses.
Simbient built and implemented a learning management system which allowed techers to enrol in and complete courses provided by the solution. Content administrators were able to maintain the list of courses and the content for each course using standard SharePoint functionality.
CEO were able to reduce their on premise server licensing and physically retire servers by moving to a free cloud based solution with high availability and redundancy. The solution also allowed CEO full visability and control, meaning they could assist techers in doing courses and retain their accreditation.
Technology used: SharePoint Office365 .NET
Solution type: Intranet & Collaboration
Service used: SharePoint Solutions
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