Project Description

The Catholic Education Office (CEO), is responsible for the leadership, efficient operation and management of 150 primary and secondary schools. CEO wanted to provide a standardised way for principals to complete their annual reporting and make the process a lot easier to do, and a lot less time consuming.
CEO did not have an easy way to track which school Principals had completed annual reports, and the reports were not in one central location. The data that was required for the report was not automatically uploaded, so the Principals had to search for the data, making the process very time consuming.
Simbient designed and built a web application on the Orchard open source CMS Platform which allowed an Administrator to manage the structure of the annual report. Data from the schools database was automatically retrieved and auto filled based on the school chosen, and year finished, and was then presented in a professional compliant PDF for submission.
This solution was extremely popular as it considerably reduced the time to complete the Annual report for Principals who are notoriously very busy. It also improved the accuracy of the information and gave CEO better visibility and control.
Technology used: .NET SQL Orchard JQuery HTML5
Solution type: Enterprise Application, Mobility, CMS
Service used: Custom Development
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