Project Description

BIS Industries, is a leading Australian provider of specialised logistics and material handling solutions to the world’s largest mining and resource companies. They wanted to streamline their processes and have better visibility of all capital expenditure requests within the organisation to better manage their costs and budgets.
Capital requests were being raised from all areas of the business and every request was at a different stage of approval. There was no way to establish what had been raised against a specific budget at a specific moment in time and the process was very manual.
Simbient built an intelligent, robust, workflow solution that gave the organisation full visibility of every capital request raised against specific allocated budgets. The workflow solution was also built so that it would continue to work even if the organisation had a complete restructure.
This solution dramatically sped up the approval process on capital expenditure allowing the business to be a lot more responsive in their decision making and purchases. It gave senior managers a lot more visibility and this allowed them to prioritise capital expenditure items better so that the right funding went to the right projects.
Technology used: SharePointInfopath Nintex.Net
Solution type: Intranet & Collaboration, Workflow/Automation
Service used: Custom Development, SharePoint Solutions
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