Project Description

Austbrokers, is one of Australia’s leading insurance broking, underwriting and financial services networks. Austbrokers were looking to provide a common, consistent, look and feel, for their corporate intranet, broker network, and local intranets.
Not having the ability to create multiple broker sites based on the same branding and consistent look and feel across the business was a problem. This made it hard to find and display information in a structured way and it did not look as professional as they would have liked.
Simbient built an intranet solution that allowed Austbrokers to create multiple sites based on a template that matched their corporate identity, so there was consistency across all the broker sites. Austbrokers were able to quickly and easily create multiple, well branded consistent websites.
The consistent look and feel gave Austbrokers a more professional looking site, allowing users to get to the information quicker and manage brokers better. By using Office 365, Austbrokers were able to move away from hosting sites on servers in their datacentre, saving them money, and making it easier to maintain.
Technology used: SharePoint Office365
Solution type: Intranet & Collaboration
Service used: SharePoint Solutions
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CIO, Austbrokers Holdings