Project Description

Aussie is a leading Finance and Mortgage broking organisation with national coverage in Australia. Aussie were looking for a way to dramatically reduce the time it took to process loan applications for their customers. The goal was to get their sales reps attending more appointments and spend more time selling and less time processing loans.
The sales reps were spending a lot of time per customer processing loan applications and required internet connectivity on the call to access the data they needed. This was not always possible because of the location and the application process was very manual and time consuming.
Simbient built a loan application tool that captured all loan application information and had the ability to submit this to a panel of lenders as well as synchronise all the data with Aussie’s back office systems. The solution also supported a disconnected data scenario allowing the rep access to the data required without the need to be online.
The solution significantly reduced the loan processing time as well as the accuracy of the information. Sales reps were able to attend more appointments and Aussie, achieved a 200% + increase in sales productivity. The tool was also built to allow Aussie to increase their product portfolio that went from around 12 initially to over 800 in total.
Technology used: .NET SQL BizTalk
Solution type: Enterprise Application
Service used: Custom Development, Application integration
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