Project Description

Aussie wanted their website to be a primary lead generation tool for the business and have the ability to quickly change content in real time, responding to market competition. They wanted to be able to do this easily in real time, with non technical people.
Aussie’s website and content management system was not scalable, robust, or easy to use, and could not handle high volume marketing campaigns or traffic, and was built on old technology.
Simbient built a secure, fast, reliable and scalable website that was up to date with current design styles and provided an online marketing channel to their customers. The solution allowed non-technical end users the ability to change not just the content, but the look and feel too, in real time.
Aussie were able to respond immediately to competitors and change the website as needed. The website design and build increased traffic by 80%, and became the primary lead generation tool and information source for the business.
Technology used: .NET SQLBizTalk
Solution type: CMS, Mobility, Corporate Website
Service used: Custom development
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