Project Description

Australian Leisure & Hospitality (ALH), operates hundreds of licensed venues and more than 500 retail outlets across Australia. They are market leaders, offering a diverse array of hospitality experiences. They needed to find a way to centralise all of their information from many different venues into their ERP system in real time.
To rollout the ERP system to every venue would be costly in terms of licensing fees and training costs. ALH did not want the cost of high licensing fees, and more importantly the ongoing cost of continual training in an industry with high staff turnover.
Simbient suggested, designed and built a web front end that was simple to use so anyone could input the data. No training was needed by the end user and the data was presented in a way specific to the requirements needed for entry into the ERP System.
ALH saved a significant amount of money on licensing costs as well as training costs at the time, and into the future. The solution also improved the quality of the data input as well as the speed at which it was received, giving ALH faster and more accurate reporting.
Technology used: Dynamics SharePoint SQL SQL Reporting .NET Nintex
Solution type: Intranet & Collaboration, Workflow/Automation
Service used: Custom Development, Application integration, SharePoint Solutions
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Simbient has been a development partner of ALH for approximately 8 years. The technical skills and knowledge, as well as their professional attitude makes the partnership feel more like an extension of our own IT department than an outsourced arrangement.
Project Manager, ALH Group