Project Description

Australian Consolidated Press (ACP), had a large number of the leading printed magazines nationally. They wanted to expand and convert the success of the printed magazine to digital. This was a strategic decision and they were looking for a trusted partner to deliver on this.
ACP wanted to be able to offer online advertising to their clients as well as have ecommerce capability. Speed of delivery of content was a key factor as well as robustness of the solution and ease of content control. The CMS needed to be built in a way that was easy to use and control by individual producers and more importantly allow for a great end user experience to keep users coming back.
Simbient designed and built 12 individual enterprise websites and CMS content management systems for ACP’s 12 different leading magazines titles. The solution functions included, blogs, articles, podcasts, ecommerce, video, ratings, comments, membership, events, surveys competitions, polls, to mention a few.
ACP had an online presence on all their leading magazines, with ability to sell advertising and with an ecommerce capability to generate revenue from the site. They were able to control and produce content in real time to stay ahead of their competitors. Simbient won awards for the solutions they provided.
Technology used: .NET SQL
Solution type: CMS, Corporate Website
Service used: Custom development
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