Enterprise Mobile apps require style and substance! Are you building your Enterprise Mobile apps with a vendor who excels at both?

Due to the rise of the bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon within the workplace, business users are demanding IT delivers enterprise applications and services to their preferred device. Consequently, mobile apps are becoming more complex than ever, combining personalised intuitive user experiences with: robust architecture, advanced integration with back-end systems, transactional data, auditing, and layered security. You should ensure your vendor has the capability, processes and expertise to deliver a quality enterprise mobile app for tomorrow.

Simbient, an Australian based software development company, provides the right mix of creative design backed by rigorous process to deliver world class Enterprise Mobile app solutions. Utilise Simbient to:

  • Help create a Mobile app strategy
  • Develop Enterprise Mobile apps with Style and Substance
  • Track advancements in mobile technology
  • Make strategic recommendations as the market changes

In addition to our Enterprise Mobile capability, Simbient are 360° project sourcing specialists. We enable companies to optimise IT project delivery using the method that best suits your needs:

  • Strategic Resourcing – provides high quality on demand permanent and contract IT professionals.
  • Software Solutions – combines strategic consulting, award winning developers and world class processes to deliver innovative solutions across technology platforms.
  • Offshore Services – through our reseller agreement, provides risk free offshore development teams via our unique ATOM methodology.

To learn how Enterprise Mobile apps can transform your business, please contact Jane Nicholson on 02 9965 1818 or email janen@3e0.cf4.myftpupload.com.

For more information about Simbient, visit us online at www.simbient.com.au.